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Vores pakkefyld er grønt og komposterbart

We get a lot of inquiries from customers who are wondering about our packaging material, as well as the amount of this, so here you get a small report.

Our packages are primarily packed in cardboard boxes where we fill them up with package beans which are made from foamed recycled paper. These are of course 100% compostable :)

We have thoroughly tested the amount of packaging material so that it fits perfectly with each individual package, and make sure that your packages arrive WITHOUT damage.

If we pack your goods in smaller packaging material, they simply can not withstand the hard transport they are exposed to at GLS.

The packaged beans can easily be flushed down the toilet, burned, used as lighting in the stove or as the picture shows, for a few hours of creative play with the kids :)

With just a little water you can make all sorts of figures - SUSTAINABLE & GOOD!

Really good day everyone, best regards from Suztain!