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Bonus - Ferramol Sneglemiddel - 2,5 kg. Bonus

Bonus - Ferramol Snail Bait - 2.5 kg

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Product description

BONUS - Ferramol Snail Bait.  2.5 kg

Suitable for organic gardening. Does not harm vegetation or useful animal. Ferramol grains are sprinkled and targets snail who eat the ferramol and return to their hiding places where they die from dehydration.

Impact Description Bonus
NOTE! Ferramol is a killer for all types of snail, including leopard snail, grapevine snail, etc. We suggest using Ferramol only in cases of serious problems with Iberian snail (killer snail) where manual control is not possible.

Has your garden been invaded by killer snails (Iberian snail) the last few summers? Then it is from early spring that you have to make an effort if you want to prevent breeding. You hardly notice the snails this spring, but they are definitely there. Many small killer snails have survived the winter and are ready to multiply. If the egg is stopped early, there are noticeably fewer snails later in the year and it is much easier to fight small killer snails than the full grown ones.

The slugs like to winter in compost piles and other warm places with loose soil. If you lay a thin belt of snail poison around the compost pile and the kitchen garden, you are well off to begin with the control of this pest. It will eventually be possible to grow vegetables again in gardens that are plagued by the killer snail. If you are not sure if there are killer snails in the garden, you can use a simple test. The snail loves cucumber! If you place slices of cucumber, you can quickly determine if there are killer snails in the garden.

Ferramol is harmless to hedgehogs and livestock. Ferramol is also used in organic gardens

Can be used on cultivated and uncultivated areas as well as in greenhouses and on trails.