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Face Mask - Type IIR - 50 pc

Face Mask - Type IIR - 50 pc

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Product description

Single Use nonwoven fiber FACE MASK.  Surgical-grade premium quality - type IIR with elastic ear loops. Filtration effect of 98%.  Suitable for both adults and children over 7 years.  Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5 cm

CE approved in accordance with EU Directive on Medical Devices 93/42 / EEC, Annex V.3 & VII Class I Rule I.

Type IIR approved in accordance with EN 14683: 2019. Bacteria filter effect (BFE) tested and approved in accordance with tests for Class I Type IIR. Guaranteed BFE ≥98% and splash resistance. Biocompatibility tested and approved in accordance with ISO10993.

Impact Description Details Chantelle

Disposable soft fiber Face Mask with elastic ear loops and nose clamp. The Graid surgical-grade face mask helps to reduce cross contamination and minimizes the risk of infection.

The Face Mask is recommended to protect against inhalation of airborne particles such as dust, pollen and transmissible bacteria and viruses from airborne droplets.

The mouthpiece provides the maximum protection of 98%. The mouthpiece is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency.

We recommend that you always wash your hands before and after use and probably dispose of your used face masks.


Place the rigid edge over on the bridge of the nose.

Position the white side against your nose and mouth with the blue side out facing out.

After putting on your mask, gently press the nose clamp to snuggly fit the bridge of your nose ensuring a tight fit.

When removing your mask, do so by the ear loops and immediately dispose of properly. Followed by a thorough washing of your hands or use of hand spirit if needed.


Avoid touching the front of your mask when bacteria and virus can be caught.

Replace the mask with a new one as soon as possible if it becomes damp by weather conditions or by breadth.

If the ear elastics are too large, they can cross them around your ears or fasten them to a headband.

Sustainable consideration:

Suztain has chosen to offer the maximum protection face masks to our customers, despite that the material in single-use masks that provide the maximum protection is not sustainable. After very extensive research and consideration of reusable & washable fabric face masks, the conclusion is that this is a case where Suztain focused on the seriousness of the situation opted for the highest safety consideration to our customers, our community and our employees. We believe that in this case we must apply sustainability to relate to your personal protection.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5 cm

Material: synthetic fiber

Disposal: combustible waste

Approval: The Danish Medicines Agency in Denmark

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