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GreenGenius - Kaffefilter Str. 6 af rustfrit stål GreenGenius

Cleaning the coffee filter

GreenGenius - Coffee filter stainless steel - Size 6

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Product description

Green Genuis Stainless Steel Coffee Filter.   Size 6 (10+ Cups)

High quality reusable stainless steel coffee filter.  Lasts up to 3 years or 3000 brews

Click for YouTube video for Optimal Cleaning for GreenGenuis Coffee Filter (in Danish only)
Impact Description GreenGenius
The stainless-steel coffee filter allows you to avoid buying disposable filters, saving both paper and plastic wrapping.

With a stainless-steel coffee filter, you are always ready for the next brew and don't run out of coffee filters.

The filter is of extremely high quality and can be expected to last for at least 5 years. The coffee filter is approved for food contact purposes.

the filter is more comfortable to use than cotton, while also lasting longer.

The filter can be washed in a normal dishwasher and is approved for food contact in the EU

The packaging is made of compostable recycled paper without any plastic.


If used daily, the filter is easily cleaned under running water or in a water bowl. Preferably clean the filter immediately after use. The filter can also go into the dishwasher however please rinse the filter in water before dishwashing with the filter opening facing down. In some cases, boiling the filter for <1 minute may be a good idea to get the coffee grease completely out. You can clean the filter for lime scale using e.g. clear vinegar. See video link under Short Description field for optimal cleaning.

Environmental notes

It is an almost impossible task to make accurate holistic statements, so common sense is allowed to prevail as well. But here are some of the considerations we have made in Suztain. We've thought of recycled paper filters:

1. A coffee filter of recycled paper has a water footprint of about 2 liters of water (an A4 paper has about 5 liters)

2. The paper must be sorted, transported several times, processed and finally packed, typically in plastic packaging. It is unclear how much fuel for transport and power for production is involved in the process

3. Packaging for coffee filters in the form of outer cartons constitutes a significant consumption of cardboard in relation to the content because coffee filters have low value in terms of volume.

4. Finally, one-time products are basically something to be aware of

Stainless steel on the contrary can be recycled almost endlessly. Almost all stainless steel has a significant proportion of recycled steel, typically about 50%. Today's production is extremely efficient.

Notably this filter has no plastic edge. In addition to the practicality of not having to buy coffee filters and / or running out of them, it is our estimation that a metal filter without a plastic holder is an optimal solution. The water required to rinse the filter after use is substantially less than the water footprint of a paper filter.

About coffee grounds: if possible, coffee grounds may be put to good use as a fertilizer, a growth medium, a scouring agent, etc. Coffee grounds in drain pipes should generally be avoided, but are especially problematic if you have or add grease in drains and pipes. We have not experienced that small amounts from the 3 month test and washing this filter have caused problems, perhaps also because we collect cooking oils in separate cans to avoid grease in the drain.

Cleaning the coffee filter