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The Hornware Factory - Pearl Gold Necklace

The Hornware Factory - Pearl Gold Necklace

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Product description

Elegant gold necklace with small horn pearl pendant

Impact Description Details Hornvarefabrikken
Sara Brunn has designed the entire PEARL serie and describes her approach to the beads as follows: "Pearls on a string! It will not be more classic! each one has a little story, which together with the other pearls turns into a whole tale. I never get tired of seeing and touching them. "

The necklace is of gold-plated silver piece with a length of 42 cm and the horn bead is 14 mm in diameter.

Sara Brunn Buch designed the Pearl Gold Necklace in 2015.

Hornmageriet and The Danish Hornvarefabrik have roots 200 years back in time and originate from Jutland heathland Bøvlingbjerg. These amazing jewelries comes from horn from slaughterhouses in Nigeria. It is upcycling of a waste product that would otherwise be incinerated. Only horns from veterinary slaughterhouses are used. No horns from endangered or ill animals are used.

Treatment Guide: Take off your jewelry before you go to bath or a sleep. Avoid dropping the jewelry and store them in cases while traveling.

The packaging is cardboard box.

Danish designed and produced.

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