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Sæbebar holder 3 pack fra Savont
SAVONT sæbeholder til sæbebarer 3-pak SAVONT
SAVONT sæbeholder til sæbebarer 3-pak SAVONT
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sæbebar holder 3 pack fra Savont
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SAVONT sæbeholder til sæbebarer 3-pak SAVONT
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SAVONT sæbeholder til sæbebarer 3-pak SAVONT

SAVONT - Magnetic Soap Holder - 3 ct

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Product description

This 3 pack of Magnetic / Suction Cup Soap Holders  is enough for a family and allows you to dry all your soap bars without leaving a mess. 

No drilling, No gluing, No Mess.  Leaving a Soap Bar that is Always Clean and Ready for Use.

Impact Description SAVONT
The amazing Savont Magnetic Soap Holder in highly practical 3-pack.

  • Install inside the washbasin, in the bathtub, or in the shower
  • Strong yet tiny suction cup – diameter of only 34mm
  • Suction cups adhere to all smooth surfaces like stainless steel, glass or porcelain
  • Hold soaps up to 150g permanently in any position
  • Strong magnets for firm hold
  • Always removable and can be re-attached, reusable
  • No drilling, no gluing

Made in Germany

3 x silicone cups with strong magnets
3 x magnetic metal soap connectors


Trouble Inserting Cap or is the Cap Causing your Soap to Crumble?

Annoying, right? But definitely not a problem. Some solid bar soaps just have a high palm oil content which produces a hard "shell" when brand new. The same can be true for Aleppo soaps (while not made with palm oil the initial surface of aged Aleppo soap is quite hard). The solution, however, is SIMPLE - use the soap bar first to remove the hard shell surface and then press the metal cap into the soap bar.

Cap Falling Out of your Soap Bar?

That’s pretty normal … as you use your soap every day and soap washes away. All that’s needed is reinsert the cap back into the soap bar in another flat area.

Did you LOSE your Soap Cap?

Not to worry. It happens. Here a good solution is to use a metal bottle cap from beer, soda or similar, which will attract to the magnet in your Savont suction cup which holds the strong magnet -- and voila it works again!

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