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Silvercare - Organic post-birth pads

Silvercare - Organic post-birth pads

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Product description

Post-birth pads in 100% certified organic cotton. Free of GMO, non-degradable plastics, chlorine and pesticides. Super absorbent and breathable.
Impact Description Details Silvercare
A package of 10 pieces of GOTS certified organic rebirth in cotton.

For the particularly vulnerable period after childbirth, every woman deserves the best and most secure.

Silvercare after birth pads ensures maximum comfort and ecological security for delicate skin. The organic pads are hypoallergenic and help prevent the risk of irritation, itching and allergies.

The upper cotton layers are with special weaving that prevents fibers from adhering to wounds from episiotomies and other procedures.

Soft and spongy, which guarantees maximum comfort.

Waterproof, biodegradable inner layer that prevents soaking.

With self-adhesive fixes that ensure the pad does not move.

92% of organic pads are biodegradable (glue is not)

Gynecologists, midwives and obstetricians especially recommend the use of natural cotton products for your intimate hygiene.

Country of origin: Spain
Transport: car
Organically certified: yes
Plastic-free: yes
Compostable: no p.g.a. glue

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