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Elvis & Kresse - Pung til kort & sedler - Print Room Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse - Print Room Wallet with Coinpocket

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Product description

A delicious black wallet with red details for cards, notes and coins from the designer duo Elvis & Kresse - Dust and water repellent, stylish design and a unique story.

Impact Description Elvis & Kresse
A beautiful black wallet for cards, notes & coins from Elvis and Kresse which is extremely stylish and a must-have for the fashion conscious man / woman. Made from old printed carpets and fire hoses, you will find a unique story in each wallet.

The designer duo Elvis & Kresse have created a fashion success in accessories. All products offer uncompromising and top-quality design in recycled materials.

The main component of all products is English fire hoses, which have been used in the English fire service for up to 30 years. The lining is also made of recycled materials from banners and parachutes etc.

The delicious wallet is also water and dust resistant.

Genuine upcycled English fire hose material
Comes in the rare yellow fire hose color
Lining of recycled parachutes, unique to each purse
4 places for credit cards
1 business card pockets
2 separate rooms for banknotes
Coin pocket w / snap lock
Easy to wipe off, does not accept dust and general dirt
Water repellent
Measures 12.5 x 10 x 1.5cm

Note: The new product has a smell of rubber; The fragrance diminishes over time, but you can speed up the process by spraying with a scent remover or other scent of your choice.